The Property:

Beautiful and serene property

7 spacious bedrooms home on 5 acres, with large patios and sitting areas around the house.

Mountain views.

Meditation room.

Large living room, dining and kitchen.

Granit and slate throughout

Wi Fi throughout the house.  +

Hiking trails, part of the Thousand Palms Preserve

Guests must agree to the followings:

Be free from alcohol, tobacco and drugs and intent to continue.
Random drug testing – Zero tolerance policy for drugs, alcohol, tobacco.
30 minutes community meeting twice a month.
Continue their therapy and/or healing programs – 12 steps or others.
Be employed or actively looking for employment.
Keep their room clean and participate in the maintenance of the communal areas of the house.

We offer:

Full time support with a mature life-coach (30 years of international workshop leadership and mentoring, Alternative Therapeutic Modalities and mindfulness practice).
Homeopathic evaluation and recommendations.
Sacro-cranial therapy for a balanced structure.